Salvation by Hope

“The crisis (or lack) of hope that afflicts the Church today is a crisis of (inspired) imagination.” John Eldredge, The Sacred Romance, pg 180 (words in parenthesis added; see also Romans 4:18; 8:24,25=Jesus Christ, our Hope…and the only Hope this world has!).

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We ARE at War!

“There IS no war is the subtle but pervasive lie sown by an Enemy so familiar to us we don’t even see him. For too long, he has infiltrated the ranks of the Church and we haven’t even recognized him (and have, therefore, unwittingly partnered with him).” John Eldredge, Waking the Dead, pg 160 (words in parenthesis added).

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Walk on Land

“It matters more how you ‘walk on land’ (every day, in your Christian Character) than it does when you ‘walk on water’ (perhaps once in your lifetime, when inspired to greatly believe and act).” Pastor Terry Palmer (words in parenthesis added).

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Wake Up…and Fight for Your LIFE!

“If you deny the battle raging against your heart, well, then, the thief just gets to steal and kill and destroy (it, for he flourishes in an atmosphere of ignorance and denial).” John Eldredge, Waking the Dead, p. 159-160 (italics and words in parenthesis added).

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LORD of our loves

Most of us have heard of the following axiom and probably even quoted it a few times ourselves: “If Jesus isn’t LORD of all (in my own life), then He’s not LORD at all.” This statement takes on a whole new meaning, though, when we decide to actually surrender to God…and leave our sinful selves and anti-Christ culture behind. Our mortal enemy will not take such a decision lightly but will instead relentlessly make us his prime target. Nor should we take our commitment lightly, for ‘none of us lives to himself and none of us dies to himself.’ In other words, my choices affect others, especially those in my immediate centers of influence. It is indeed, therefore, “high time to awake out of sleep, for now is our Salvation nearer than we first believed!” Only then, in a holy state of heightened vigilance, can we experience the ongoing liberation of our own right choices…and God’s empowerment therein. We can then live a changed lifestyle, one rooted in complete dependence upon and surrender to Christ; that is, the practice of true repentance, which means:‘being sorry enough to quit’ (the attitudes and actions that separate me from the only True Love of my life I can have hope in continually, Jesus Christ)!

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‘First Love, First’ Is TRULY Rich!

“We lose our ‘First Love’ when we lose our daily awareness of our need for God” (see Ezek. 14:6-8 and Rev. 2:2-5). How to Keep Your First Love lesson, Basic Youth Conflicts curriculum, by Bill Gothard. “Welcome to America” and, really, ‘the Western World’, right? Wow, compared to developing countries, our hunger for Jesus and spiritual things can sometimes be next to nil! Cases in point: Last night, a fellow Christian testified of not only the spiritual hunger he saw while ministering in Ensenada, Mexico, but also how he experienced Jesus confirming His Word “with signs following”, e.g. people receiving miracles of salvation, healing and other provisionary wonders. And when I was in the PI, I was deeply impressed by how hungry for God the Filipino people were, not to mention their incredible spirit of love and hospitality. Perhaps these precious souls see their need for Jesus because ‘they have nothing to speak of’ in this world…but really have everything? DKB

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Heroic Humility

“Humility brings honesty concerning our need.” Thetus Tenney, Woman of God, in Humble Desperation article, (2/01 or earlier).

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